Through exploration of civic needs and compassionate response, our students are exposed to real world conditions.

Our aim is to empower students to contribute to social change and become community leaders. With a diverse range of opportunities spanning from international to local initiatives, every student at Dominican Univeristy can find their path to making a meaningful impact during their college journey.

社区参与 & 领导力发展机会:

  • 另类春假
  • 充电器聊天
  • 充电器领导学院
  • 体验萨尔瓦多传教之旅
  • 生命接力
  • 凯瑟琳·霍华德修女食品储藏室

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact 社区参与 & 领导力发展:845-848-4122

以下是一些可用的服务 & 领导机会.


多米尼亚大学 offers students the chance to make a difference during Spring Break. 和同事一起工作, they dedicate this time to partnering with Habitat for Humanity, aiding families in low-income areas who need housing. 学生 contribute to building, painting, and other tasks essential for constructing homes. 在这段经历中, 他们崇尚简单, 远离科技, and embark on meaningful self-reflection.


充电器聊天 provide the 多米尼亚大学 community with a platform to dive deeper into diverse topics through insights from field experts. 学生, 教师, and staff have the chance to gain firsthand knowledge as leaders share their personal journeys and provide detailed explanations of their field. Each session typically includes a question and answer segment, offering attendees a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


The 充电器领导学院 is crafted to nurture emerging leaders, offering essential insights into effective leadership practices. Available to all students seeking to enhance their leadership skills, whether for on-campus or off-campus roles, the program provides opportunities to pursue four distinct tracks throughout their time at 多米尼亚大学. Each track is meticulously designed to continually enhance students’ leadership abilities. Consisting of six sessions per track over the academic year, sessions are held on Friday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm. With the overarching goal of developing resilient leaders for the future, the 充电器领导学院 empowers students to thrive in their leadership endeavors.

The Catherine Howard Campus Food Pantry

多米尼亚大学’s Food Pantry is open and available to all current students. We are located in the main hallway of the 沙利文图书馆. If you need help finding us, the front desk library representative will direct you. 有早餐食品, 快速食品, and meals to make at home such as pasta, 土豆泥, 和金枪鱼. Once arriving – you can fill out a form and provide any suggestions. 学生 are welcome to return as often as need.

电子邮件:食品 | Phone: 845-848-5020 or 845-848-4122 | IG: @dc食物pantry请电子邮件 食物 安排预约

The Catherine Howard Campus Food Pantry is an approved member of the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Experience 萨尔瓦多 is a collaborative program between 多米尼亚大学 and Molloy University. During students Winter Break in early January, students engage in community outreach in Sol Naciente and Once, 位于La Union的两个社区, 萨尔瓦多. 在儿童夏令营工作, they contribute through activities like arts and crafts, 游戏时间, 音乐, 以及社区服务项目. This collaboration between 多米尼亚大学 and Molloy University enriches the experience for students from both institutions, fostering impactful connections and service opportunities.


生命接力 is a meaningful event for the 多米尼亚大学 Community. We are committed to creating a campus culture that supports this important cause. We work with the American Cancer Society to support research and provide patient services.

我们2024年的赛事开始了 星期五,2024年4月19日. 点击 在这里 to help our fundraising efforts or to sign up as a participant! 每一个人 & 美元起作用.

点击 在这里 for more information about 生命接力.